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Interdependence is key to seeing a Home Missions movement among the churches of EFC-MAYM.

  • GIVE FUNDS to a project

  • HELP raise funds for Home Missions Projects across the Region.

  • DONATE during the Yearly Meeting Sesquicentennial.  Funds raised will be distributed directly to our Home Missions Projects to help meet the needs in their target community.   

Please make sure and put "Sesquicentennial Fundraiser" in the Add Special Destination box in PayPal.




  • GIVE TIME & TALENT to a project

    • Partner Advisory Team - An individual, a church, or an Area may want to commit itself to “giving time and talent” to spend a day or several days at a new church site to help with a service project, offer a spiritual gift that is needed, or just be present to support.

    • In addition to a willingness to send people for specific ministries or visits from time to time, an individual or church may make a commitment to send up to 2 of its members and/or a pastor to serve as members of the partner advisory team. This important team meets on a regular basis and serves as the official church board of the new church in its early stages of development.

  • COACHING - Coaching is the process of coming alongside a home missionary to help them discover God’s agenda for their ministry, then cooperate with the Holy Spirit to see that agenda become a reality. Coaches come alongside to help, just as Barnabas came alongside Paul (Acts 4:36), and then Paul came alongside Timothy and others. By encouraging and challenging home missionaries, coaches empower them for ministry.

    • A coach does not need any particular information or expertise on a given topic to effectively coach a home missionary.  The coach’s role is to listen attentively and ask powerful questions that open up new understandings and possibilities for the missionary being coached. The coach helps them to identify both opportunities and challenges, develop action plans to move forward through the Journey Toward Maturity, and stay accountable for results while celebrating victories along the way.


New Coach Training is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, 2022.


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