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Connections House

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Connections House Community

I didn’t realize it at the time, but God has been molding me for many years to seek my people for His purpose. My people group are those in addictions to alcohol and drugs. With addictions, there can be four results: insanity, prison, death and recovery. My little piece in my little area is to provide a safe Christ-centered environment for those in recovery and help them know and grow closer to Jesus. We opened Connections House, our 1st house in January 2021 and our 2nd Connections House in January 2022. We have seen success and we’ve seen loses. It is beyond amazing how God has given strength and abilities to those involved over the last 2 ½ yrs.

We recently merged our group with a D4D (Discipling for Development) group that Alan and Carrie Corliss lead. God has worked over years to bring Carrie and I together for a time like this. I see God’s hands all over it. I’m not sure where this group is leading, but I know we are growing in relationship with God, self, others, and creation. We are a growing group of 35-40.

Northridge Friends Church is allowing us to meet in their facility, which is a huge blessing. We are praying and trying to decern God’s path forward. Our people group through the two recovery houses and recovery meetings in Wichita is huge, and we are still learning the best way to reach people still out there suffering from addictions. My God-given passion and heart for this runs so very deep, and I seek prayer, knowledge and guidance to be open to what God has for this group of Christ followers. Our desire is to do our part in bringing light into the darkness of addiction one person at a time in the Wichita area.

-Sue Banbury

The EFC-MAYM Home Missions Board and representatives from Central Kansas Area are excited to come alongside this new work and to begin to build support around it. You can get involved by joining a partner advisory team that meets via Zoom on a monthly basis to provide prayer and support during these early days and months, and/or you can sign up to receive email reports and prayer requests from this project. Please email Carrie Corliss at to get involved.

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